Late Post Podcast… still worth the listen!

Since we recorded this podcast we have had an amazing win against the Packers and a mortifying loss versus division rivals, the Raiders. Just a tad late but definitely still worth the listen as we sample a Banana Bread beer, talk about our latest Vegas trip, pay tribute to the late John Witherspoon and of course talk some Chargers football. So have a listen and please comment on or one of our social media outlets. Cheers!

Episode 38 – Bitter Beer for Bitter Fans!!

That’s right… We are Bitter!! Our Chargers didn’t go as far as we knew they could in their playoff run and we are drinking an equally bitter beer to wash away our sorrows. We sample a hoppy DIPA from Last Name Brewing, we talk Chargers short lived playoff run, nfl conspiracy theories and we share our thoughts on the remaining 4 teams. Join our Bitter Pity Party if you dare!!